Can I adjust the size of the size of the band to fit my wrist?:

Yes, there are six removable links near the clasp, as well as micro adjustments in the clasp. The extra links are held in with a small threaded pin. links can be removed at home using a small screwdriver, or at any jewelry/watch repair shop near you. Follow this link to see how to remove links yourself.



How do I set the date and time?:

The watches function exactly the same as any watch with a wound mechanical movement. Follow this link here to see how to set your watch and follow the instructions. 


How do I care for my watch?:

Care for it as a piece of jewelry. Wear it gently and store it in a cool dry environment. It will need regular polishing to avoid tarnish/oxidation. This can be done with a silver cloth or by applying a small amount of silver polishing compound and buffing it off with a soft microfibre cloth.


Can I swim/shower with my watch?:

No. I mean it’s your life but it is not reccomended.


Do you do custom or personalized orders?:

For interest in custom orders please contact the seller directly. 


Warranty and Returns:

All sales are final. The seller takes responsibility for the quality of the customized elements of the watch. If you have any problems with the customized elements please contact the seller directly for repair. If the movement of the watch is to malfunction, please seek repair locally.